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The Rabbinical Council of the South Shore

Ensuring Reliable Kashrus and Religious Life for the Barrier Island communities of

Lido Beach, Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and the South Shore of Long Island

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A Bit of Background

At the South Shore Vaad, we are driven by a single goal; The mission of the SSVK is to provide affordable and reliable kashrus supervision and communal religious services for the South Shore communities.  As a non-profit organization, we see it as part our mission to support both the business owners and consumers.

Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen

Rav Hamachshir, Chairman

Rabbi Eli Biegeleisen serves as the Rav Hamachshir and Chairman of the South Shore Vaad Rabbinical Council. A graduate of the Yeshiva of Philadelphia and Rabbinical College of Long Island/Mesivta of Long Beach, he assumed the leadership of the Vaad while he was serving as Rav of Lido Beach. He received Rabbinic ordination from several leading Rabbis in Israel and completed certificate programs in Community Development, Family Purity and Medical Halacha. In addition to being a  gifted speaker, he is the author of a comprehensive work on the Halachos, Minhagim and guidance regarding  maternity and hospital care, titled 'Eis Laledes עת ללדת'. He is currently the Director of Community Engagement at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway and is active in several major Jewish and Rabbinic Organizations.


Rabbi Biegeleisen who trained in Kosher supervision with the leading national Kashrus organizations, is responsible to set policy and overall oversight of the SSVK supervision and council. 

Rabbi Binyamin Silver


Rabbinic Co- Chair

Rabbi Binyamin Silver serves as the Rav of Young Israel of Long Beach since 2020. Along with his duties in the shul, he is continuing the legacy of the previous Rav, Rabbi Chaim Wakslak in is role as an active member of the Kashrus supervision.

Rabbi Silver is an alumnus of Yeshivas Ner Israel Rabbinical College of Baltimore, a practicing attorney and previosly served as a popular community rabbi in Silver Spring MD.

Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour


Rabbinic Vice Chair

Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour serves as the beloved Associate Rabbi at the Sephardic Congregation of Long Beach,  where he raises the level of Torah learning and observance of Mitzvos through dynamic classes in Halacha, Gemara, and Hashkafa. He also directs youth programing. Rabbi Kamravapour serves as a senior Rebbe and Mashgiach Ruchani in Metivta Tiferet Torah in Kew Gardens, NY where he teaches and mentors 9-12th grade boys and is the Director of Alumni Affairs and Recruitment. Rabbi Kamravapour studied in Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Queens, during which he served as an assistant Rebbe in the shiur of the Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Dovid Harris שליט"א. It is there that he received his semicha in Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin. He is also trained in the laws of Family Purity, Infertility, and Kashrus by leading Jewish Organizations. 

Rabbi Kamravapour has committed to volunteer for the SSVK to ensure the continued growth of the Barrier Island community by offering kosher establishments under the highest level of supervision.


vaad logo 2.jpg

Dr. David Diamond, President

Asher Gulko, Esq. Counsel

Charlie Smulevitz, Treasurer

Rabbi Steven Siegel, Rabbinic Field Supervisor for Health Care Facilities

The Rabbinical Council of the South Shore Vaad includes the leadership of all the area's Orthodox Congregational Rabbis.

Rabbi David Bibi, Sephardic Congregation

Rabbi Benny Berlin, Bachurei Chemed

Rabbi Eli Goodman, Chabad of the Beaches

Rabbi Elly Krimsky, Lido Beach Synagogue 

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