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The Rabbinical Council of the South Shore

Ensuring Reliable Kashrus and Religious Life for the Barrier Island communities of

Lido Beach, Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and the South Shore of Long Island

Receiving Certification

Certification Lists and Information

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A Bit of Background

At the South Shore Vaad, we are driven by a single goal; The mission of the SSVK is to provide affordable and reliable kashrus supervision and communal religious services for the South Shore communities.  As a non-profit organization, we see it as part our mission to support both the business owners and consumers.

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For Questions regarding Kashrus please reach out to Rabbi Binyamin Silver- (917)-363-5840 or email

Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour- Kashrus Administrator 

The Rabbinical Council of the South Shore Vaad includes the leadership of all the area's Orthodox Congregational Rabbis.

Rabbi David Bibi, Sephardic Congregation

Rabbi Benny Berlin, Bachurei Chemed

Rabbi Eli Goodman, Chabad of the Beaches

Rabbi Yehuda Kamravapour, Sephardic Congregation

Rabbi Elly Krimsky, Lido Beach Synagogue 

Rabbi Binyamin Silver, Young Israel or Long Beach

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120 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach NY 11561 


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